A tarot consultant, angels medium, spiritual teacher, and healer.  A practitioner of universal principles and spiritual laws, striving to help seeker in both daily life and spiritual quests. 

I combine scenario planning techniques - perfected over 15 years with blue chip corporations - with tarot card reading to bring clarity to one’s life questions such as career, love, abundance and life direction.  Through this process, the seeker will transcend physical, mental and spiritual obstacles in order to reach their highest potential.

I assist seekers to find answers and solutions to their questions.  Ask and the answer is given. Through a combination of past life regression, channeling and intuition guidance, the seeker with have crystal clear clarity about the situation with practical actions to achieve one’s goal.

Born in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong, I have lived and worked in London, Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Vancouver, Paris, Helsinki and various cities in Europe.  Whilst my spiritual quest has led me to anchor Light in different world vortexes – including  the Great Pyramid Egypt, Mt. Kailash Tibet, Machu Picchu Peru, Easter Island, Kauai and Carcassone France.    

Tarot is divine wisdom, it helps us to engage life, not escape it. I have been working with the cards of ancient and sacred wisdom for over 20 years.  I have not only studied the magical, qabalistic, and astrological meanings of Tarot, I have used the cards as a divination tool to counsel people from all over the world and from every walk of life.

I use Tarot to show the helicopter view of one’s environment, to bring clear vision of any situation at present and future.  The objective is to make most informed life decisions and have realistic expectation of the outcomes.  This way, walking down the life path is a conscious move and not random walk anymore.                

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Rebecca   Howe
Tarot  Consultant  |  Spiritual Teacher

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Tarot Master

Four Seasons Hotel Spa, Hong Kong

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Tarot Consultant at De Beers VIP event, September 2018

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Guest Speaker at Rotary Club of Hong Kong South 2011         Tarot: The Art of Divination

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RTHK     |   May 23, 2018

RTHK3   |   August 11, 2018

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Interview with AsiaSpa Magazine (September issue 2011) 

Quote from His Holiness the Dalai Lama 

"There is no need for temples,

no need for complicated philosophies. 

My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness."